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High value on honesty, openness and diversity.

Balay, Eryigit & Erten Attorney Partnership sets a high value on honesty, openness and diversity. We strive to provide novel ideas to our clients that make legal and business sense to prevent issues to become problems and offer innovative solutions for the resolution of disputes, if the disputes are unavoidable.
Novel solutions come with hard work.
About Us

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Balay, Eryigit & Erten Attorney Partnership is one of the distinguished law firms in Turkey which has a broad local and foreign clientele. We are a Legal 500 law firm, consist of competent, bi-lingual lawyers specialized in various disciplines hence allowing the firm to provide its clients with quality legal services on a wide range of legal matters. Our office acts as a one-stop-shop for many multinational companies operating in Turkey. We offer our clients trustworthy and clear legal advice with reasonable costs. The Firm’s practice is evenly distributed between litigation and corporate work. Such a balanced distribution in our work profile enables us to address ever-changing needs of our clients in various focus areas.


Successful Cases
More than 92% of our clients rate their experience with us as positive.


Number of Clients
Since our inception, Our Firm helped more than 2,000 clients.


Working for you for almost 2 decades
We have been working for you for more than 2 decades now.

The best of the best, at your service.

We carefully select our teammates and constantly invest in them and their work.

Sıtkı Evren Balay
Dilaver Eryiğit
Çağatay Erten
Zeynep Gürsoy Ergin, LL.M.
Sebla Kerpeten Kafkas
Senior Associate
Sefa Çapoğlu, LL.M.
Senior Associate
İpek Gülce Önal
Senior Associate
Dilşad Seher Kabacaoğlu
Senior Associate
Yasemin Kutlu
Serhat Toprak Kara
Selin Balay
Zeynep Doğan
Bikem Şengül Kuru
Burak Yasin Kumbasar
Melisa Çetin
Legal İntern
Rıdvan Dudak
Admin & Finance
Eren Eryiğit
Admin Executive
Esra Can
Admin Executive
Serkan Turan
Ece Taşkıran
Office Assistant